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Darwin Expert Committee

The Darwin Expert Committee

The Darwin Expert Committee is a scientific expert committee managed by Defra to support the Darwin Inititive.

The Darwin Expert Committee - Terms of Reference

The DEC helps to ensure the quality and appropriateness of Defra science and its use by providing strategic advice on the principles and objectives of the Darwin Initiative grant programme in implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Migratory Species and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. The Lead Minister for Defra is Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

To achieve this it will:

  • provide independent advice to the Secretary of State via Defra officials on applications for funding under the Initiative, taking into account the objectives of the Initiative and any other considerations the Secretary of State may from time to time deem relevant.
  • monitor the progress of the Darwin Initiative and evaluate the achievement of its objectives.
  • report to the Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA); Chairs of expert committees will meet annually with the CSA and provide an annual summary of the work of the committee to the Science Advisory Council (SAC) for Defra's Annual Report.
  • support the CSA as appropriate (and if willing) during emergencies.
  • abide by the spirit of the Government Office for Science's Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees.
  • In the course of its work the Committee may publish reports and advice. Publication will normally be through Defra channels. The Committee will also be expected to contribute to departmental reports, publications or guidance.

Darwin Expert Committee Members, appointed by Defra, will be independent appointments made through open competition, in line with OCPA guidelines on best practice for making public appointments.


Term of appointment
Professor Stephen Blackmore (Chair)2013 - 2016
Mr Martin Brasher2012 - 2015
Dr Mark Collins2012 - 2015
Ms Joanna Elliott2012 - 2015
Mr Alistair Gammell2012 - 2015
Professor Mary Gibby2012 - 2015
Professor Brendan Godley2012 - 2015
Professor Iain Gordon2012-2015
Dr Keith Hamer2012 - 2015
Mr Matthew Hatchwell2012-2015
Dr Gary Martin2012-2015
Professor EJ Milner-Gulland2012-2015
Dr Shaun Russell2012 - 2015
Professor Monique Simmonds2012 - 2015
Dr Rachel Wynberg2011 - 2014
Ex-Officio members
Dr Vin Fleming (JNCC)from 2003
Ken de Souzafrom 2011
Jeremy Eppel (Defra)from 2012
Siôn Griffiths (FCO)from 2012

Defra provides the Secretariat to the Committee. Presently the team has two members - Clare Hamilton, Huw Joynson and Sally Cunningham

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