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The Darwin Initiative

Institutional capacity building for invasive bird control in the Pacific

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Scoping Award
Project leader:
Dr Richard Young
Host institutions:
Min of Environment, Lands and Agriculture - ECD, Pacific Islands Learning Network - PILN
Start date:
UK institutions:
DWCT - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Finish date:

Project description

Note: the descriptions presented for projects approved before 2008 have been extracted from technical descriptions in project documents and were not originally intended for publication.


to develop regional capacity to contend with the current invasive species problem and to respond to new threats as they arise.


Scoping trip - The meetings facilitated by the scoping award will be crucial in defining the realistic scope of the full project and identifying the core competencies of each organisation. Discussions between UK representatives with key personnel from within government to the community level will ensure that all stakeholders are involved and responsibilities agreed. Visits to the field sites will allow for achievable goals to be set within the timeframe of a Darwin project.


Project documents

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